illustration of Jade Masterson Hally

Hi, I'm Jade.
I am a front-end engineer.
Currently based in NYC, USA.

Jade Masterson Hally working on her computer, age 1
Dublin, Ireland - 1985

~ extremely online ~ since 1999, I'm a JavaScript engineer who loves CSS and all things web.

I studied Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin and spent the first 15 years of my career in London, UK, building customer facing and internal digital products for companies like Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Harrods, and MADE.COM.

As of Fall 2022 I have relocated to NYC, USA, and am building things at Glossier.

Jade Masterson Hally working on her computer, age 5
Dublin, Ireland - 1989

Other Work

Built with React, TypeScript, Next.js, styled-components, Contentful, and Netlify

Worked alongside NYC based graphic designer to bring her portfolio website vision to life. Tara also happens to be my sister, and paid me with an Impossible Burger and frozen spicy cucumber margaritas.

🍔 🥒 🌶 🍸

Tech icons such as Steve Jobs conquered decision fatigue by wearing the same outfit every day. I like clothes, so my particular brand of decision fatigue is deciding which episode of Gilmore Girls to watch for the hundredth time. This simple React app queries The Movie DB and solves my greatest inefficiency by randomly choosing an episode from my expertly curated list of bingeable shows, saving me precious time to choose my outfits in the morning. Now to choose an appropriate snack pairing...